Anonymous said: You make me smile.

You make me hard :-)

Anonymous said: What do you do if you feel like nothing

When I feel like nothing I do nothing and at some point I will take a bath or bake a cake or invite a friend to coffee or listen to 1960s girl group music

Anonymous said: Who inspires you?

Plath, Fitzgerald, myself

Anonymous said: I'm addicted to sleeping pills 🐇...

Play the track “Medicine” by Youth

So we weather this world’s tempest time and again and learn to predict a brewing lightening bolt or monsoon downpour but eventually even the thickest-stemmed bloom will grow weary. It will curl up inside itself silent and quiet as breath with only the humdrum of photosynthesis to cradle the heart



Vladimir Nabokov, Invitation to a Beheading

I want to meet Czech Hunter

Alexei Tarasovich Markov 1802-1878

here u go su’more cheetos

Frederik Ruegger - Bobby Abely for MAN SS15


i like fathers day because all these boys post pics of their dad and i can see if they’re gunna age well


Jerry Hall and Lisa Taylor. Vogue US 1975. Photos by H.Newton.

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“If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”